Why Your Mobile App Doesn’t Stand Out

March 10th, 2017

Category: Apps, Technology

One question I get asked all the time is ‘why doesn’t anyone download my app?’ and my response is always the same, ‘your app must not be unique enough’.

Harsh? You think so? How can I be so blunt to say someone’s app isn’t unique enough if I haven’t even heard or used it yet. Well there is your answer. App trends appear and disappear but a unique app never goes out of style.

Building apps and watching them get downloaded a million times over isn’t as easy as it was a few years ago. The market is saturated with every single app idea you can think of. You want to find out where you parked your car, why there are a hundreds of apps that can help you that. You want to send your girlfriend flowers, yep there are a thousand different apps that do that for you too (you’re welcome btw). You want to map down all the locations you have pooped, yep there’s even an app that does that.

Places I’ve Pooped, search it up if you don’t believe me.

In the ever growing and crowded world of apps, how do you make yours stand out from the rest? Well I can break it down into these four short steps.

1. Make it Unique

You need to be able to hook the user at first glance. Your name, logo, colour and description has to be distinctive. Your marketing identity needs to be extremely engaging so you can attract more users.

‘Download our fitness app, it is excellent and it’s free’

‘Have you ever wanted to lose weight correctly? Then download our app, we have many fascinating features that not only help you lose weight but also help you build up your confidence. Did I mention it’s free, we won’t charge you a single penny because we think you’re awesome and want you to be the best version of you!’

Funny how both descriptions mean the same thing, yet one is filled with optimism and the other… well isn’t. When users go in the app stores they have no prior knowledge of what your application does. So it’s up to you to lure them in with your eye-catching branding, pricing and description.

2. Providing the right service

Long gone are the days of flashlight apps, now all phones have built in flashlights. So if you are confused as to why no one is downloading your flashlight app in 2017, you need to read more tech blogs my friend.

You need to provide a service someone isn’t providing or at least make it easier or better. The reason why apps like WhatsApp are so popular is because the service they provide is so simple.

Have a look at your app, is it proving something other apps aren’t and if so, how is your app making the users life easier. Think about it and compare it to the competition. Have you got a faster sign up process? Is your UI more adaptable and agile? Do you update your app regularly enough?

3. Trends and Rewards

Behind each download is a person and you must treat each download as such. You must engage and reward your users. You can reward users in many ways. No ads, user-friendly UI or free monthly coins. Keep it unique and exclusive and you’ll grow in no time.

4. Pot Luck

Well I can’t say much about this really. If you happen to have a celeb accidently advertise your app whilst live streaming in front of millions of people, then just capitalise on it and enjoy the ride.

Final thought…

It is difficult but not impossible to be disruptive in an already saturated market. Imitation doesn’t last long. You must be unique in your approach and presentation, provide a better or simpler service than your competition, be a trendsetter and not a sheep.